Summer Vacation Fallback.

Spotty internet so I have to make this quick. I wanted to shop and decided to shop. I went to two consignment stores and had great luck. I can’t call it success because I wasn’t thinking about budget or cash. I forgot all about that. Oops. It doesn’t feel good.

I did remember to be reasonable and left behind the 30-dollar-plus items. The pull was strong because they were unique and fit perfectly. I just can’t justify paying $30-50 or more for used (non-designer) clothing. Still, I spent more than I would’ve liked. Everything fits like a glove, though. I only bought what made me say Yes, Perfect.

However. Reason left me today when my  6-year-old learned how to float.


Hot diggity! I told him we could get him a boogie board to celebrate. Then my younger son wanted one, too. And we all wanted water shoes since the nearby beach has a lot of seaweed and hermit crabs. I didn’t look at prices or budget. I feel a little bit of regret, but we’re going to have TONS of fun tomorrow!

A plan for vacation.

I’m a little anxious about my upcoming vacation, which usually means lots of shopping and eating out. I never think about budget or limits or anything practical like that when we’re on vacation. It’s like the Magic Shopping Cart all over again. I’m one of many children, and we always had two full grocery carts every week at the supermarket. Once in a while, I could add something to the cart and it wouldn’t be questioned…or even noticed. And it would come home with me. Magic!

Vacation is much the same in my mind. Pinch pennies when planning, but once there? Anything goes! Magic.

My husband asked me if I plan to go shopping in Uber-Quaint Shopping Village while we’re away. The answer is absolutely yes, I plan to visit the shops because they are unusual and interesting. But what he really meant to ask was, Do you plan to buy anything? And I had a revelation: my answer to that is not the usual No, I don’t plan to buy anything. I mean, I never plan to buy anything. That’s my whole problem: it’s all impulse! Unplanned and unnecessary.

Though it felt like we discussed this for ages, it was really only a few seconds. And I realized my true answer. Do I plan to buy anything? No.

I plan to buy nothing.

No clothing, no shoes, no scarves. Nothing for me.

However, it is a vacation that warrants ice cream and other family-sharing-type things, so I restocked my wallet with small bills so that I can stick to my weekly budget for the two weeks I’ll be away.