Summer Vacation Fallback.

Spotty internet so I have to make this quick. I wanted to shop and decided to shop. I went to two consignment stores and had great luck. I can’t call it success because I wasn’t thinking about budget or cash. I forgot all about that. Oops. It doesn’t feel good.

I did remember to be reasonable and left behind the 30-dollar-plus items. The pull was strong because they were unique and fit perfectly. I just can’t justify paying $30-50 or more for used (non-designer) clothing. Still, I spent more than I would’ve liked. Everything fits like a glove, though. I only bought what made me say Yes, Perfect.

However. Reason left me today when my  6-year-old learned how to float.


Hot diggity! I told him we could get him a boogie board to celebrate. Then my younger son wanted one, too. And we all wanted water shoes since the nearby beach has a lot of seaweed and hermit crabs. I didn’t look at prices or budget. I feel a little bit of regret, but we’re going to have TONS of fun tomorrow!

That Shoppin’ Feeling, Part II.

I listed the positive and practical reasons for why I shop in That Shoppin’ Feelin, Part I. Here, I list the superficial, emotional, and impractical reasons for why I shop.

Fun. Shopping is fun! I enjoy checking out new handbag styles from my favorite designers, new shoe styles with unique touches, new color combinations in a skirt. I often seek out a copycat outfit for something I saw in a magazine or blog. It’s exciting! I love being able to buy what I want — I do not have expensive taste (yet) and can afford everything that I buy. I love window shopping, browsing, trying everything on. Even when nothing fits, I still crave the experience. Even if I leave empty-handed, I still enjoy the hunt.

Euphoria. It physically feels good, plain and simple. When I think about shopping, my heart races and I get a surge of energy. I get annoyed if I can’t go right away. I plan my days around being able to shop and will even pay a babysitter so that I can go spend money on things I don’t need.

Image. I have a penchant for the Elegant Mall, with the Elegant Department Store. I intentionally dress up to go there, trying to look like a put-together modern consumer worthy of envy. Yeah, that’s right, I’m a wife and mom that has it all together! I save the bum look for home.

Perfection. I want to look perfect, so when I get dressed, I think of something that would make my outfit, face, or ear lobes perfect and then seek it out that day or the next. As you can imagine, this goes on indefinitely.

Perfection in General. I also want the perfect: stroller, handbag, wallet, baby carrier, diaper bag, makeup storage, closet organizer. The list goes on. I research everything online, reading reviews, checking prices. For hours, days, weeks, and even months. Then I buy… and promptly return, sell, or donate because it’s not perfect. Repeat this process ad nauseum. I promise I’ll stop once I find The One! I tell myself I’m only spending [x amount] to try since I can sell for almost what I paid. But the reality is that all the time I spent researching, returning, and reselling has a significant cost: time with my family.

Serenity. Or, Escape. Shopping is so peaceful and quiet, unlike my home with two energetic and loud boys. My 3-year-old is the perfect accomplice, because he stays quiet and often falls asleep in the stroller. It’s as though he’s not even there! Lately, he’s been throwing tantrums, so shopping with him is getting tricky. On the weekends, it’s my time to get away from being a mom because I can leave both kids at home. I have a secret desire to be a Trophy Mom: be there for the fun kid stuff, but let someone else handle the nitty-gritty. When I shop, I’m myself again, not just a mom. Even if I’m shopping for the kids.

And these are my Not Good, even Bad, reasons to shop.