Sometimes It’s Cheaper to Keep than to Return.

I have a pricey lipstick that I bought from the Elegant Department Store at the Far Away Mall. I would really like to exchange it for a different color, especially since my Unshopping Rules prevent me from ever buying another one. I had to do the math, though.¬†One trip to Far Away Mall = Lunch at Elegant Cafe (this goes without say) + Quick Stop at Upscale Kid Shop In Case There’s a Sale + Walk Across the Entire Mall to Kid’s Play Area ( x Window Shopping Along the Way) + Glance at Elegant Shoes that are near the Elegant Cosmetics Counter …not to mention gas + tolls.

I need to add that I purchased said lipstick with a $20 Elegant Enticement, so my total spent out of pocket was actually only $11. The new sensible shopper in me decided, No Way. I’ll keep my too-subtle lip color.

I’m faced with a similar dilemma today. My 6-year-old needs a haircut and is willing to try TidyTrims at the Shopping Trifecta. He usually goes to PriceyButWorthIt Salon at the mall a couple of minutes away. There, I can leave him and go shopping. Obviously, today I would stay with him, but would still need to fork out too much cash for a kid’s, albeit perfect, haircut. I can resist going to Middle-End Department Store, as I’ve had my fill. But the Shopping Trifecta? That will take serious willpower.

Well, readers, I’m going to try it. I choose TidyTrims. My 3-year-old doesn’t cry there and he’s done in 15 minutes, so it’s worth the shopping risk. I will tell the boys not to let me go into any store other than TidyTrims. I might even bribe them with a lemon square (which I have in the freezer).