Partial Cave-in.

I don’t really know what category to put this in. It’s not a failure, but it’s also not progress. So, both for now.

I did shop, but not at the sale that was tempting me. Let me explain, though I think I’ve mentioned this before and am not trying to gloat about it. I’m down five sizes from last spring/summer and could not make any of my existing things work for me this year. I choose not to wear ill-fitting clothes, but would do it if there was a bit of wiggle room (as I did last summer… I made do with slightly too-big shorts). No, this time it was way more than wiggle room, it was a problem of ankle pants. As in, pants (crops and shorts) that ended up down by my ankles.

I’ve been freaking out about this ever since the warm weather started. I bought a couple of pairs of shorter shorts early on that are still in my drawer, but what I really wanted was cropped pants, as I tend to live in those in May and June and then again in the fall. I also wanted dressier longer shorts that I can wear to work.

I know, want.

And, I know want.

This was not the second of those two. No rush of feelings, no gotta-have-it, no lets-just-take-a-look-and-see-what-they-have (and end up buying what I don’t need). No want just for the sake of fulfilling the urge to shop.

It wasn’t really an emergency, because I do have full-length pants and jeans to wear. But I’ve been looking for the above items for a couple of months with no luck. It struck me to try a local store that is closing its doors. Not for the bargains, but because I’d already exhausted my usual resources. It was a 20-minute mission to stock up on basics, and was successful.

And a failure to hold out just a bit longer. Time to restart the count.

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