There’s a reason I haven’t been posting. I am scattered, and struggling to keep myself together. This winter has been going on too long and I’m tired of being cold and unmotivated. I haven’t been able to work out regularly due to injury, schedule, and surgery. I’m still getting used to my work commitment, while working around school schedules. I need a breather, completely by myself.

I’m taking that breather in a couple of weeks. Though, I won’t be alone. One of my style mentors is coming to the area so I’m joining a great group of women, whom I’ve never met, for a day that sounds insanely fun! I decided to stay in a hotel, blissfully sans kids, for the night.

Ahhhh…Style, fashion, and not-the-mama for a day. My kids get a special treat while I’m away. “Frozen” is hiding in the closet for them!

I’ll post about my shopping struggles soon. In my scattered state, I’ve been clinging to what I know, trying to ground myself. It’s not working. It never works.

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