Not in a Panic.

I’m leaving soon for my second vacation this summer and I am not panicking. Last year, when headed to this same destination, I was terrified that I would not be able to restrain my shopping. I even blogged about it. The year before that, all I could think about was trying to schedule my retail outings.

I visited family a few weeks ago, and realized halfway through the trip that I wasn’t anxiously figuring out how I could ditch my kids and sneak in some shopping. That was always my vacation MO before: planning when, where, and how often to shop without arising suspicion. Even though I’ve been working on this for over a year, that trip this month was the first one not consumed by thoughts of retail. This next trip will be the second one. I imagine that unless I go to Paris, all future trips will be like this.

It feels so…uncomplicated. Relaxing. I look forward to enjoying my vacation rather than worrying or getting upset over shopping.

The odd thing is that I still have a wishlist of too-big items that I need to replace. If I come across them when I’m away, great. But I’m not bending over backwards and planning my days around the hunt. There will be no search, no agenda. I will be free.

I think I am free.

3 thoughts on “Not in a Panic.

  1. egfr says:

    Awesome!! I kind of feel the same way about not planning shopping anymore. I just took a trip and didn’t preplan shopping. I did end up making 2 excursions specifically for shopping though, over the course of a week. On one I found what I was looking for, including something for me and also for two of my friends. On the other, found nothing! Not disappointed though.

  2. maa says:


  3. Nikki says:

    Nothing as valuable as freedom. Enjoy!

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