Tuesday Update: Shrinking and Growing.

HELP! I’m shrinking, and the urge to shop is in full force! It hasn’t felt like this in a few months, so I thought maybe the urge was gone for good. It’s coming back due to my new (old) size, liking my body now, and the nice weather. It’s so much easier to go shopping without coats and hats! Still, I live in a world of excess and I want it to stop. Not just with clothing, but with toys, books, and everything.

So far I’ve managed to keep my shopping to consignment/secondhand stores, but I’ve begun browsing at my usual haunts. My original plan was to reward myself with a great dress or top in another 4 pounds, and I’m sticking to that. Clutching, clinging, grasping, actually. Even being a slightly smaller size, my current wardrobe fits just fine. I’ve had tops and bottoms that I was busting out of, so now they’re either just right or a tiny bit loose. This is no excuse to shop! I can’t let this shopping urge grow as I shrink.

Please, readers, keep me accountable!

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