That Shoppin’ Feeling, Part I.

On the First Day of Unraveling, I started writing about why I shop. I quickly realized that I could group the reasons into three categories: Practical (The Good), Emotional (The Bad), and… The Ugly. There’s no other way to describe the third part.

Here are the practical reasons for why I shop… and how I go overboard.

Need. This is the most practical reason to shop. There are times when someone actually needs something, but I shop so often that it rarely happens.

Sales and Bargains. I have a mental block for paying full price for clothing or shoes. I stock up for the boys when there’s a sale, but lose track of what I bought. At the next sale, which might be two weeks later, I stock up again. At their ages (6 and 3), they wear everything once before it goes in the hamper. I am able to do their laundry once a week and they still have fresh outfits to wear. This is a trap, I tell you! After a week, I get frustrated trying to find a nice outfit and make a note to buy another shirt or pair of pants. Meanwhile, most of their clothing is in the hamper!

Spaving. Ah, spending to save. I used to be part of a private group of buyers who were offered incredible deals if we purchased in bulk. I would buy things at wholesale simply because the price was irresistible. It’s similar to bargain shopping, but with a distinct difference: in many cases, I had to order more than I wanted in order to get the discount. If I ordered another $40 I could get $15 off! That’s like getting $40 for only $25! Or the ubiquitous “Free Shipping with Minimum Purchase!” I still have some of those items from years ago, unopened, on a shelf somewhere.

Seasons. I live in a true four-season climate, and I like to refresh everyone’s wardrobe twice a year. I like to refresh my own every week, if not daily.

All good reasons, right? I just warp and twist them into overflowing closets.

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