Tuesday Update: Two Plus.

Remember last week, when I said I was only going to buy one top and one pair of pants for working out? Well, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know how well I do with sanctioned shopping. It was planned, I had “permission” to spend, and I had justification. I just didn’t have the willpower to stick to only two pieces. I now have four tops and three bottoms, in addition to my somewhat loose and unflattering existing fitness wardrobe. I know how I justified it — I’m working out almost every day and sweat too much to reuse without washing. I just don’t know why I justified it. Have I really not gone very far in my unshopping? Have I just distracted myself enough that it’s not in the foreground, but when given the opportunity, I go back to my old ways? Even when it’s unexciting like a workout tank and yoga pants?

I’m still holding strong about buying regular clothing, accessories, and shoes, though! Nothing new this month for sure, and I think last month I only bought a necklace. That feels pretty good. Very good!

Wait a sec, that’s TWO MONTHS! I’ve been wearing the same jeans, same shirts, same sweaters, and the same shoes. I didn’t spontaneously combust! I don’t think I repeated any outfits, either. Every combo has felt fresh and new, especially since I can now button some things that I couldn’t two months ago.

To sum up today’s update: failure, and success! I was feeling pretty down about the failure part, but putting the success part into writing jazzed me right up. I can do this! Even when I reach my fitness goals and can shop again, I don’t want to continuously add to my wardrobe. It just seems so… boring. In a single shopping trip, I might buy more than I intended to (see workout clothes update above), but right now I can’t imagine shopping every week or even multiple times a week. I now have better and more interesting things to do!

I also don’t want to go back to an overstuffed closet where I don’t even get to wear everything in it. It’s been fun these past few weeks seeing my jeans/pants hangers all empty. That’s never happened before! I also have favorite tops and sweaters that just work every time I pair them with anything else. It’s much easier to get dressed in the morning when I have fewer choices.

This is serious progress!

I do have a confession, though. I finally bought that gel polish kit I’ve wanted since last summer. I got a paycheck last week, and, well, it’s been on my list forever. I resisted for nearly eight months! Not bad, right?

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Update: Two Plus.

  1. maa says:

    Two plus? hmmm.

  2. maa says:

    You have officially inspired me to clean out my closet. I got rid of so much stuff! It is true that when you only keep the things that make you feel “good” instead of “bad” then it lightens everything up!

  3. egfr says:

    Capsule wardrobe!! Have you heard of this concept, you know bloggers write about their capsule wardrobe when they are going on a trip to Europe, etc. A year abroad:
    Of course now that I wrote this here I had to go look up the wiki:

    Sometimes I do what you are doing, by choosing clothes out of the laundry!!

    • Cristina says:

      Yes! I actually tried it for my vacation last summer and it worked well. But it takes a lot of thought and trying on before I pack. I haven’t done it since, though it’s always on my mind.

  4. egfr says:

    clean laundry!!

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