Tuesday Update: Fitness Broke Unshopping.

So much for my new habit! Getting healthy and fit is taking a toll on my wallet. It shouldn’t, except that I am a gadget geek, as is my husband. Last month, I bought a nifty little device that tracks my daily steps and calories burned. This month, I had an episode of sanctioned shopping for my husband’s birthday… and bought a new scale that syncs with the device I already had. Now my husband wants the same device that I have. Good thing I’m not spending a dime of my wardrobe budget this month!

As for my closet purge, I’ve finally figured out the types of clothing I wear versus what I keep buying and not wearing (hello, button-ups!). I keep reaching for the same items. In the spring, I will purge even more from my already reduced closet. And I will not buy any more button-up shirts, whether long-sleeved, sleeveless, or in between. I just do not wear them, ever. Skirts, however, are here to stay!

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