Tuesday Update: Loopholes.

Minimizing my wardrobe is not going as well as I’d hoped. After being caught in a downpour with a too-small trench coat that I can’t zip up, I realized I needed a new trench coat. And I wanted a GOOD one, an investment piece. Not just something on sale that may or may not fit the bill. My husband agreed and that was it — I had my loophole. My excuse to go shopping.

Throughout this entire process, I’ve continued to browse online. Every day. I constantly check the Nordstrom site for new arrivals since they make it so easy to do so. I also check for new markdowns. And I add to my list. Now really, does it make sense for me to have a growing list when I’m trying to downsize my closet? Why do I struggle so much with common sense when it comes to shopping?

My older son wanted to go to the Shopping Mecca last weekend because his favorite restaurant is there. I took him, knowing that I’d probably be able to find a trench coat. I also knew I’d be trying on all the new things from my list. I managed to stick with just the trench coat, a perfect one at that! Small success. Then we hit some other stores because he really wanted to go. I offered no resistance. He’s a menace when we shop, never staying anywhere near me, so again, common sense left the building. I found two things that have been on my list forever and caved in. I also found two other items that fit the new specs of my wardrobe… but I really didn’t want to start filling specs before I’d gotten my wardrobe to a manageable size.

While mulling this over today, a question popped into my head. Why do I buy new things when I still haven’t worn my previous new things? I still have several pieces from sanctioned shopping that I haven’t worn. What?? Why am I buying more? This makes no sense whatsoever. I’m going to try a new rule: no more clothing/accessory purchases until I’ve worn everything I have at least once.

Christmas is coming. Sanctioned shopping. I cannot use it as a loophole.

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