Falling for Fall.

Why do my new Fall wardrobe additions make me giddy? Why do I smile when I see them, and waste time building outfits in my head? I might have my spending somewhat under control, but I’m still tethered to possessions.

My closet does not contain the secret to happiness.

Today is a beautiful day. The weather is absolutely perfect — the summer humidity took a break, leaving behind sunshine, clear skies, and cool air. It’s also the first day of school for my older, challenging, high-energy son. I was able to get everything organized for school yesterday so we weren’t rushing around this morning. My son set his alarm clock a few minutes early so he could snuggle in bed with us. I told him that the password for climbing into bed with us was to brush his teeth first, and I awoke to the sound of his beeping toothbrush. I felt refreshed and energized. He got dressed on his own while I made him a special breakfast (which no one liked…) I even danced around with him a bit. It was a glorious morning!

That is happiness. Now that my favorite season is approaching and I have a taste of it, I see how silly it is to try to find fulfillment in my closet. My wardrobe might temporarily make me feel better, but it doesn’t compare to having a great day with my kids. Especially when the weather is perfect.

One thought on “Falling for Fall.

  1. Nikki says:

    This sounds like a wonderful turning point for you: where you are seeking happiness in family life, relationships, connectedness, rather than the next ‘perfect’ outfit. Bravo!

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