Tuesday Update: Closet Purge.

One of my goals is to go through my closet and donate, donate, donate! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been very strict with what I put into the donation pile. I’ve even hemmed and hawed a bit, taking things back out of the pile…and putting them back in. There was a reason I put them into the pile in the first place, and I’m sticking to it.

There are the usual reasons: doesn’t fit right, the color isn’t flattering on me, I’ve had it for more years than I can count and it’s time to move on. This time, I added a new reason: the item is fussy. It uses that fishing wire “thread” that itches like crazy, or the waistband is itchy so I have to wear something tucked in, or the fabric is so grippy that I have to readjust throughout the day. I’m also ditching anything that needs ironing straight out of the dryer.

This experience leaked out of my closet into my kids’. We have bins and bins of kids clothing in the basement that I set up back when I was actually organized. When my youngest came along, I just started jamming outgrown clothes into any closet nook and cranny I could find. For both boys. Sizes and seasons, all mixed up, for two years. I hoped it would sort itself out on its own, but the mess continued to glare at me.

I finally did something about it. I decided to be just as stringent with their clothing as I was with mine. I went through everything, keeping only my favorite pieces, even as hand-me-downs. I don’t want to store inexpensive solid t-shirts for my younger son, and I don’t want to keep plain onesies for an unlikely future sibling.

I also had a good excuse to go through the bins in the basement: a new nephew! I scoured those bins for the cutest of the cute and passed that stuff along. I’ll donate the rest.

Now I have my eye on my husband’s side of the closet. I’m itching to ditch!

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