Tuesday Update: My Goals.

Starting today, every Tuesday I’ll post an update on how I’m doing with my goals. I reserve the right to add new goals and talk about them. And skip a Tuesday if I’m traveling. I promise to be brutally honest. I need accountability!

Here are the goals I’ve come up with so far:

  • Make a wishlist of items to refresh my wardrobe and stick to the list when shopping
  • Go through my closet and donate everything that I’m not wearing
  • Pare down my kids’ overflowing wardrobes
  • Refresh my husband’s wardrobe
  • Build up savings
  • Replace my “bad” shopping habit with a good habit (exercise? volunteering? gasp… even gardening?)
  • Figure out non-shopping-related techniques to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with having a son with special needs
  • (Re-) Develop my spiritual life

Of course, the last three are fundamental and will be the hardest to accomplish. I’m hoping that by tackling the tangible goals, I’ll become more disciplined, generous, calm, and prayerful.

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