Summer Vacation Fallback.

Spotty internet so I have to make this quick. I wanted to shop and decided to shop. I went to two consignment stores and had great luck. I can’t call it success because I wasn’t thinking about budget or cash. I forgot all about that. Oops. It doesn’t feel good.

I did remember to be reasonable and left behind the 30-dollar-plus items. The pull was strong because they were unique and fit perfectly. I just can’t justify paying $30-50 or more for used (non-designer) clothing. Still, I spent more than I would’ve liked. Everything fits like a glove, though. I only bought what made me say Yes, Perfect.

However. Reason left me today when my  6-year-old learned how to float.


Hot diggity! I told him we could get him a boogie board to celebrate. Then my younger son wanted one, too. And we all wanted water shoes since the nearby beach has a lot of seaweed and hermit crabs. I didn’t look at prices or budget. I feel a little bit of regret, but we’re going to have TONS of fun tomorrow!

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