All in My Head.

Readers, I have SO many blog posts floating around in my head. I think I start a new one every day, and yet, so few of them actually make it to print. I apologize for that.

I had a pretty significant breakthrough last week, and one of the outcomes was decreased computer time because I have to focus on real life. Which leads me to this really great and honest post over at Momastery. Though what I’d really like to do is replace the mindless computer time with meaningful computer time. I’m not grabbing my phone every chance I get to check the latest arrivals at Nordstrom and Macy’s, not to mention the brand new Nordstrom Rack site (bad timing for that debut!). I’ve even fallen away from a couple of my favorite forums and Facebook groups. It’s only been a week, but it already feels huge. And I haven’t shriveled up into nothing!

I’m still holding onto the idea from my last post, about it being OK to smile about some of my purchases. Really, I’ve never loved my wardrobe so much! If I let myself think about it and luxuriate in the smiley feelings, it curbs my desire for more. Right now, nothing can top my baby-soft green leather jacket that fits to perfection and is as comfy as a fleece. I don’t want anything else! I even bought a previously planned-and-delayed purchase a few days ago…and promptly decided to return it. It’s no green jacket! From now on, I want any article of clothing, jewelry, or accessory to match the effect of that jacket, otherwise it’s not worth it for where I am in my life.

I am also so ridiculously giddy about all this sunshine. May here is usually sopping wet. I hope you are all having some beautiful weather, too!