Tuesday Update: Habit Forming.

It started with making my bed. I bought a new bedding set a few months ago, the kind with all the pillows you don’t know what to do with. I decided I wanted to start making my bed every morning. At first it was a chore, but now I don’t even like to get ready in the morning until my bed is made. My room feels more like a haven when my bed is made, superfluous pillows and all.

It continued in the kitchen. I have to confess that I’m the person who can stack dirty dishes for days and not care about the mess. After months and years of this, the mess eventually got to me…every third day or so. The mess was piled up so high that there was at least a two-cycle queue for the dishwasher. A couple of months ago, I decided to suck it up and start doing the dishes. After some consistent success, and with further prompting from my uber-clean and neat husband, I was able to make it a daily ritual. Now I won’t go to bed with dirty dishes. Sometimes, my husband says we can leave it and he’ll do the dishes in the morning, but that suggestion makes me cringe! A short time ago, my reaction would’ve been more like, duh, of course were leaving the dishes. Who wants to do dishes in their free time after the kids go to bed? Well, now I do!

Then it was food. My 2013 resolution was to start making lunches for school again. I had gotten so overwhelmed by that last year, that I didn’t even try in the fall. I make lunches four times a week and let my son buy lunch on Fridays (he thinks it’s a treat…). Still going strong with this habit!

I’ve already posted about fitness and health. I track all my calories and work out 5 or 6 days a week. Those were hard habits to form, after being a slug for the past decade. I love being active again, and less jiggly. I don’t see this habit falling by the wayside.

See, I’ve been busy the past few months, forming (good) habits left and right! I really feel human again. And I barely have time to think about shopping anymore.