Tuesday Update: Keeping Sandy in Mind.

My hometown continues without power. The whole area is completely devastated. I wish I could physically help, or at least donate all my excess clothing now that it’s so cold out.

Still, I struggle. I wanted to browse at TJMaxx this morning. What stopped me? The thought of how gross it would be if I bought a new fashion accessory when so many people are freezing and hungry and have lost their homes on a beautiful beach. People I probably know. People I might’ve gone to school with. People on my old street. People that could’ve been me, my parents, my brothers and sisters.

November is a traditional shopping month for me. It’s my birthday month, and I often treat myself and treat myself often. You know, I find something I like and buy it for my birthday. Over and over, all month long. Then there’s Christmas shopping, and if you’ve been reading this blog, you know how I succumb to “sanctioned” shopping. Not merely succumb; I take advantage of and exploit it.

This year, I know that my heavy heart about Sandy will keep me in check.