And now, Normcore.

I started this blog in 2012. Now, six years later, I can’t even fathom wanting to spend even an hour shopping for clothing. I’m getting an uncomfortable lump in my throat thinking about it! I can’t think of many things more unpleasant than shopping. I don’t think I’ve stepped in a mall in over a year. Nordstrom has given up on me.


Guys, I have no idea how this happened, to this level of extreme.

This is why I call it extreme: I wear sweatpants in public now. It is so bizarre to even write that.

Usually I keep the sweatpants at home, but if I don’t feel like changing into something else… I don’t. I’m not a slob, but I’m 100% for comfort and convenience now. I want to wear what I have available. I want it to be comfortable. I want to look decent.

I’m having way too much fun with the Normcore concept, though! I am actively pairing too-short jeans with big-ole all-weather Merrell sneakers. Sweatshirts and jeans, just like when I was a kid. I’m also jumping ahead a few years, wearing leggings with drapey layers. I LOVE IT.

I do miss makeup, though. I’m just too lazy most days to bother. I still think it’s fun!

Sometimes I look around me and see someone dressed in a way I might have criticized at one point, and I wonder why I used to care so much. These days, I’m wearing the same few things over and over again. I really need to clear out 75% of my closet. This is a freedom I never imagined I would experience. People who have not struggled with a shopping and clothing addiction will never understand it. But when I get ready in the morning, I feel so light and unburdened.

I feel extremely lucky that this complete overhaul happened to me. I never expected or imagined it.

I’m pretty busy these days with my part-time day job, and an at-home business that I started in November. My boys are now 11 and 8, and totally manageable (…most days). I’m not under the same level of stress that I was when I started this blog. Life is so much better now. I probably won’t be posting here with any regularity, but I want to keep this blog available for sharing.

I also want to print it out as a journal to keep for myself. I don’t want to forget.

Back to Basics.

I’ve been quiet because I’m not shopping much anymore. I’ve ditched 99% of the fashion and beauty blogs that I used to read. I’m no longer “lusting after” a piece of clothing or handbag, “cultivating a capsule,” or researching the latest “must-have” boots. I don’t know if I have all my wardrobe staples and I don’t have a plan of attack for spring shopping.

I’ve shed that skin.

I’m back to tees and cardigans. I shop when I need something. I haven’t shopped just for fun in months. Last week, I decided I wanted another pair of leggings, so I shopped for leggings. Last month, I was fed up with my ridiculous stash of trendy 3/4-lengh sleeved tops, so I shopped for proper winter attire. As I tried things on, I wasn’t wondering how I can jazz themĀ up to look more put-together. I wasn’t thinking of blazers, jackets, and scarves. I just wanted comfort and a flattering fit, and I found it. Getting dressed is so much less complicated now. I’m no longer trying to style myself based on an impossible, photoshopped ideal.

Though I do still have fun when I shop! I really enjoy it, and easily spend a few hours without noticing the time pass (many apologies to my husband!). I’m just glad that it’s no longer my favorite pastime. Though I haven’t figured out how to use all my newfound time well.

Oh, and did I mention I adopted a cat?? She’s the best cat I can possibly imagine ever knowing. My boys adore her. We’re all doing very well.