Tuesday Update: Shrinking and Growing.

HELP! I’m shrinking, and the urge to shop is in full force! It hasn’t felt like this in a few months, so I thought maybe the urge was gone for good. It’s coming back due to my new (old) size, liking my body now, and the nice weather. It’s so much easier to go shopping without coats and hats! Still, I live in a world of excess and I want it to stop. Not just with clothing, but with toys, books, and everything.

So far I’ve managed to keep my shopping to consignment/secondhand stores, but I’ve begun browsing at my usual haunts. My original plan was to reward myself with a great dress or top in another 4 pounds, and I’m sticking to that. Clutching, clinging, grasping, actually. Even being a slightly smaller size, my current wardrobe fits just fine. I’ve had tops and bottoms that I was busting out of, so now they’re either just right or a tiny bit loose. This is no excuse to shop! I can’t let this shopping urge grow as I shrink.

Please, readers, keep me accountable!

Tuesday Update: I Want My Three Dollars.

Sorry for the late update! Yesterday was busy and fun, so I forgot all about blogging. I need to post more because my resolve is slipping away. Though I haven’t been shopping for clothes, I’ve been shopping for hair and makeup products. I’ve adopted the same return-if-I-don’t-love-it attitude in that area, too. I used to just keep or throw away makeup or hair gel that I didn’t end up liking, but now I buy from stores that allow returns even if I open or use it first. I’ve returned a few things, but need to stop buying more now. Perfection is just as elusive for my hair and face as it is for my closet, as it was for diaper bags, strollers, and baby carriers. There’s no need to keep searching for it.

I did shop for boots last week. I needed to replace a favorite pair that have become horribly uncomfortable… and stumbled upon a crazy deal on Frye boots. Frye, a brand so expensive I thought I’d never own a pair. Now I have three, which I got for less than the retail price of a single pair! It was a deal I couldn’t pass up, especially since I’d already mentally allocated half that total for a new pair of replacement boots. All three pairs are replacing boots that are wearing out or are just not comfortable anymore. It was money well spent, but I still feel guilty.

Now for the three dollars. I found myself at the Sears outlet when I had time to kill. Why do I go shopping when I have spare time? Why not go to the gym that’s right across the street from the outlet? Even if I don’t work out, it’s a quiet place to read or even blog.

In any case, I found two Land’s End belts at the Sears outlet that were originally $30 each. They were currently listed at $3 with an additional percentage off and buy one, get one free. I grabbed them and continued to look around the store. I tried the belts on a few times, unsure whether I really wanted them. They were plain and uninteresting. But it was less than $3 for $60 in belts — what a steal! After a while, I went to get in line with (thankfully!) just the two belts. A line that stretched nearly to the door! I looked at the belts, which were nothing special, and looked at the line. I put them back. And kept my three dollars.