Tuesday Update: Minimizing My Wardrobe.

Every Tuesday (or Thursday or Saturday…), I’m posting a status on one of my goals. After last week’s raw and gritty post, I realized that nothing is going to change unless I do something drastic. More than just shopping less, spending less, sticking to a list, etc. No, it needs to hurt.

I’ve been reading about a minimal wardrobe for the past few months, and thought it sounded nice… for other people. Something like you have 20 pieces of clothing that you can mix and match into 1,284 outfits. But…but… I’m plus-sized so not everything works together! And I like color! And I can’t wear easy knits without looking like the Michelin Man! I have tons of excuses why such a wardrobe would not work for me.

I’m here to say that I’m going to make it work for me.

I’ve already started wearing my stuff more than once before washing, so that already “doubles” my available wardrobe. Obviously this works better in the fall/winter than in the summer. Lucky for me, it’s getting cold out! I don’t have to worry about summer sweat.

Today I googled “minimal wardrobe” to get some ideas on how to start. One blog mentioned removing everything from your closet and drawers, and only putting back what you absolutely love and feel great in. I’m going to start there and count the pieces. I’m not going to worry about any attachment to pieces or guilt (particularly over items I’ve recently purchased with my “new view”). I have to be strict to be minimal, right?

I’m can admit that I’m not going to go minimal with shoes, scarves, belts, and jewelry. If my wardrobe ends up being basic and limited, it’ll be my shoes and accessories that add some pizazz.

I also wish I could do something crazy with my hair. I’ve already had a pixie cut (twice). I view hair as an extension of style and can instantly perk up an outfit. Or even perk up my day! I’ll have to figure something out and lock up the scissors in the meantime.

I’m going to take photos of this minimizing process. I think it’s going to be fun! And very, very difficult.

Tuesday Update: The Kids’ Closet.

One of my goals is to get a handle on my kids’ clothing. They’ve always had too much — it runs in the family! Given how messy they can be, it’s good to have some extra clothes, but not a week’s worth. I refreshed their wardrobes last week when I found some really great deals on quality clothes. My youngest might need a few more things but my oldest is all set. I can’t buy anything more for him. Not a thing. This is something I will need to repeat to myself many times, given my track record. No more for my 6-year-old! Unless he sprouts up like a weed, which will probably happen in the next few months.

I’ve already noticed some positive aspects of a smaller, contained wardrobe for them:

  • It’s much easier to pick out outfits in the morning.
  • I won’t have the guilt that I have every season when I see shirts or sweaters that have never been worn.
  • I know that everything fits, and can easily pick through to remove outgrown items.

These all apply to me, too. I can’t wait to get all my summer stuff out of my closet so I can enjoy a smaller fall/winter selection.